The renown magazine HiFi-Statement has tested our  HD-Player Model 2 in 04/2018.

Summary: “… And now I am coming straight out with it: I almost fell off my chair hearing the first sounds: The music sounds so natural and realistic, with body and space and perfect timing, as I am only used to from my Platine Verdier but not from a digital device. The transparency of the presentation is equally impressive. … What I am hearing here is absolutely first class.”

“Tonality, dynamics and spacial representation are first rate. At the same time, I am totally impressed with the way the sound breaks away from the speakers and just stands in my room.”

Verdict: “With its HD-Player Model 2, DAS has created a new device category: Server and DAC in one unit at the highest level of audio quality. As simple in operation as a CD player, but with all the convenience of a modern streamer.

A very strong recommendation!”


You can read the complete article here: