With DAS music servers and streamers (HD-Players) you will experience music like never before.

You will be able to ‘feel’ the material qualities of different instruments with your ears – the resinous woodiness of string instruments, the metallic glare of brass or the differences between gut and steel strings on a guitar. More than this, you will hear the space surrounding the instruments and feel the deep silence between the notes. When you close your eyes, you will really be there.

All High Fidelity is about an illusion – the illusion of being there with the artists. Only the very best equipment is capable of creating credible illusions

If you love music, only few decisions in your life will have a more lasting influence on your well-being.

(Alexej C. Ogorek, Founder)

DAS Remote control in front of Lp collection

We combine the sound quality of analogue highend with the convenience of digital file management

Digital Audio Systems stands for:

  1. The Soul of Music
  2. Analogue Life in the Digital Age
  3. Exclusivity and Quality of a Manufactory
About DAS

At the Heart of Our Technology: The Soul of Music

Although digital music playback is vastly superior to analogue playback in all measurable parameters, it is often high-end analogue equipment that produces the more live-like and engaging  sound reproduction. It is our ambition, to realise in the digital domain the atmosphere and vivid realism of high-end analogue equipment and to combine that with the convenience of digital music management.

Our products achieve a sound quality so natural and emotionally involving that the review magazine Stereoplay wrote in its review of our Model 2 (Sept. 2018 issue): “The end of a quest. If you have been missing the soul of the music in your digital playback systems, you need to audition DAS’ HD players.”

DAS HD-Player Model 2 interior

Digital filters

No pre-ringing – perfect impulse response

4 TB
Music Archiv

Holds ca. 11,000 CDs in Flac format; up to 12TB

135 dB

At the edge of the physically possible (thermal noise)


Highres streaming with Qobuz and Tidal

Digital Audio for Reading – Informative & Entertaining

“The first truly comprehensive book on digital audio with lots of practical tips”

  • What is good sound anyway? How you can recognize and evaluate good playback quality in just 2 steps
  • What provides better sound quality? The eternal discussion between analog and digital
  • The 5 myths about digital music playback
  • How to improve playback quality: Upsampling, PCMvs.DSD, SSD storage, MQA, WAVvs.FLAC, etc.
  • The true secret to natural analog sound from digital sources
  • And much more…

Technically well founded and yet easily understandable also for the non-expert

eBook download, 90 pages, pdf format; EUR 12.50