Warranty Conditions

  1. Digitale Audio Systeme GmbH (“DAS”) warrants to the original purchaser of a DAS-product (the “Product”) that the Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use (i.e. in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual) for a period of two years from the date of purchase/delivery (the “Warranty Period”). The warranty is documented by the warranty certificate. DAS will issue the warranty certificate for the DAS-product as soon as it receives the warranty registration request from the customer. The customer has to register his product within 30 days after purchase/delivery.
  2. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser of the Product covered and may not be transferred to subsequent owners. The Warranty Period begins with the purchase/delivery of the Product and its registration and ends with the expiration of the Warranty Period.
  3. This warranty in no way affects the statutory rights of the customer. It is complementary to the local statutory rights of the purchaser and to any national legal obligation of dealers or national distributors.
  4. This warranty generally covers repair and/or replacement of individual parts or of the whole Product as well as return freight to the customer. With customers residing in Austria or Germany, the warranty also covers pick-up of the product at the customer’s address. Any faults will be remedied either through repair or replacement of affected parts or the whole Product at DAS’ discretion. Any further claims to price reduction, exchange and in particular compensation for consequential damages are expressly excluded.
  5. Warranty services neither lead to a prolongation of the Warranty Period nor do they start a new Warranty Period. The Warranty Period for individual parts replaced or repaired ends with the Warranty Period of the whole Product.
  6. Items not found defective will be returned at the customer’s expense.
  7. This warranty is valid with proof of purchase only (sales receipt/invoice with dealer’s stamp and purchase date). With online purchases the warranty is valid through the identity of the online purchaser with the person claiming the warranty.
  8. This warranty is void if the Product has not been used in accordance with the instructions found in the owner’s manual or if it has been used for purposes it was not designed for. The warranty is also deemed void if the Product has been repaired, modified, or tampered with by anyone other than DAS or its specifically authorized agents.
  9. This warranty does not cover defects due to accidents or similar causes arising after the risk of ownership has passed to the customer, nor normal deterioration, wear and tear.
  10. The warranty, therefore, does not cover:
    1. Visible or invisible damages as a consequence of transportation (claims for transport damages have to be directed at the freight service immediately);
    2. Scratches in wood panels, chassis, metal parts, front plates etc. Such defects have to be claimed within three days of receipt of the new product;
    3. Damages that are caused by incorrect placement, incorrect electrical connection, external force, improper handling (for details see operating manual) or overloading;
    4. Refund of repair costs for work done by third parties without DAS express consent;
    5. Products the serial numbers of which have been removed, made illegible or otherwise changed;
    6. Products which have been repaired, modified, or tampered with by anyone other than DAS or its specifically authorized agents;
    7. Changes that occur as a consequence of normal deterioration, wear and tear (such as e.g. changes in colour of wooden panels, metal surfaces or LCD displays);
    8. Damages as a consequence of accidents, acts of nature (e.g., lightning stroke, water, hurricane), fire, heat, war, turmoil or other causes outside of the control of DAS;
    9. Consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

If you want to claim your warranty, please contact us per email (service@digital-audio-systems.com) and describe the fault as detailed as possible. Claiming your warranty by email, rather than e.g. by telephone, helps to establish the point in time for your warranty rights. Furthermore, it enables us to research the fault with the individual test certificate of your Product in our archive, respectively to reproduce the fault in DAS’ test laboratory. If necessary and providing your agreement we will contact you per telephone or email to clarify any further questions. If it turns out to be necessary to return the product to DAS, please ensure that you dispatch the Product:

  1. in adequate packaging, preferably the original packaging,
  2. with all shipping and insurance costs paid (for customers outside Austria and Germany).