Product Support

As a manufactory we pay great attention to and strive to produce, package and ship our products to you free of any defects and damages.

If, despite our efforts, you should find a fault with any of our products, we will strive to remedy the fault as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible, subject to our warranty conditions.

If you believe your device has a fault, please contact us per email under describing as detailed as possible the nature of the problem. Notification per email (instead of e.g. telephone) safeguards the date of your warranty claim and enables us to reconstruct and understand the nature of the problem in our work shop. If necessary and providing your consent, we will then contact you per telephone or email to clarify any questions we may have.

If the problem is relatively simple, it may be possible to correct the fault from a distance. If not, we shall ask you to send the device back to us for repair or replacement.