We are very happy about the first test review of our new Mono Power Amplifiers in the HiFi Statement Magazine.


“The Viennese manufactory Digital Audio Systems (DAS) caused quite a stir in the high end scene with its HD-Players Model 2 and Model 4. Now they are presenting their interesting new Mono Power Amplifiers.

Over the years I have had many different power amplifiers in my system –some very heavy whoppers. With 10 kg, the beautifully designed DAS monos are lightweights in comparison. But as it turned out, this is not true at all, when it comes to musical capabilities. In this respect, the 500W at 8 ohms DAS monos are the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. … The DAS monos did not blink even at extreme volume levels: Drums came effortlessly fast, very deep and really with enormous pressure. Cymbals were brightly transparent, never sharp – a real treat. … Apart from the very beautiful spatial presentation, I just loved the airy, fleet-footed, transparent and lively manner, in which these monos created impressively large sonic stages. … These are real experts at work.”


“The Mono Power Amplifiers from Digital Audio Systems really manage to square the circle: Small and beautiful housing, low power consumption, but really amazing sound. They produce speed, musicality, power and dynamics on a par with high end amplifiers many times their price level.”

You can find the complete review here (in German).