The chief editor of HiFi-Statement compares our Model 4 with his benchmark for digital playback: Melco Server, Japanese Telegärtner-Switch, Auralic Streamer and Chord DAC – with a price tag total in excess of EUR 22.000 – and concludes that the sound of our Model 4 “is simply closer to the analogue original”.

… and that at a third of the price! They could not have made us a more beautiful Christmas present.

Quotes: „…When it comes to creating a huge and deep acoustic space, the DAS is at the top of the game. … I know of no competitor that would come close to the Model 4.“

Comparing PCM to DSD playback: „… Already the PCM version leaves no wishes unfulfilled: The tonality is perfect, music flows without any hint of digital harshness; the depth of the acoustic image amazes. In short: I have rarely heard the digital version of this piece so fluently. The DSD version appears even smoother – a hint more flowing and round.“

In comparision to the digital benchmark components, „… the DAS creates just a tad more acoustical space and exudes just a bit more warmth. Even if it may sound corny: In my view, the sound of the DAS is simply closer to the analogue original.“

Summary: „The Model 4 of Digitale Audio Systeme is excellently built, can be operated without any computer knowledge and offers excellent ease of use. But above all, it’s sound quality convinces: It beams the listener into huge acoustical spaces, has no digital harshness and generates a warm analogue sound. It is a sonic indulgence of the highest order – not just for analogue fans!“


You can find the complete article here (in German):