WOJCIECH PACUŁA from HighFidelity Magazine reviewed the MKII of our Model 3, in issue 235, November 2023:


Quotes (translated from Polish):

“The goal [of the designer] was to convey the atmosphere and vivid realism of high-end analogue equipment in the digital domain and to combine this with the convenience of digital files management.”

“The appearance of the Model 3 is phenomenal and it was because of it that I longed to listen to the device, even before I had read about it and appreciated the philosophy behind it. Let me say this: if Nagra or Studer or Revox made top-of-the-line file players for home use, they would probably look like the Model 3. The mechanics of the tested player are stunning.”

“The Austrian player showed instruments and space in a different way than my SACD player, and it was closer to … a high-end turntable to me. The Model 3 densifies events and brings them closer to us. It is an excellent reproduction.”

“It is a device that introduces us into its world. It constructs a deep soundstage in front of us with its own “air”. These are not instruments thrown into our space, but into its own dimension.”


Summary: “The HD-PLAYER MODEL 3 from Digital Audio Systems is a beautifully built device. Beautiful also in the sense that it is honest. Everything about it is refined and well thought out. Similarly, in its sound: the recordings sound as natural, even as ‘physical’, as possible. … Instruments and vocals have high energy and clear physical masses. This is an exceptional device that you can listen to for hours without fatigue, searching for new recordings and albums.”


The link to the review is here (in Polish).